Classes - General information

The BB-DanceCamp offers Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hop classes in different levels as well as one-day Special classes that can be booked independently. Every afternoon, you can choose one of multiple taster classes on site.*

Our international top teachers guarantee plenty of fun and offer helpful tips and tricks!


Our class concept at a glance

  Boogie Woogie Lindy Open Special classes Boogie Woogie Lindy Intensive Kidz
Level From Intermediate From Intermediate From Intermediate Competition dancers From Intermediate/ Advanced Children & 'youngsters'
Classes Block class

Block class

1) Aerials

2) Authentic Jazz

3) Balboa, Shag

Classes for competition dancers Lindy Hop the whole day long* Kidz age 7 to 16
Tasters (to be selected at the camp)


* Participants of Lindy Intensive get a whole day program and will not take part in the taster classes.

Our Kidz program

The Kidz program offers dance-minded children and teens a great dance training with our international top teachers as well as lots of fun in the afternoon leisure program. For detailed information, please visit our Kidz page.

Level checks

We will start our camp with level checks in all classes.