Block-, Intermediate- and Advanced-Classes

In the Block Classes, you will learn new figures, hone your dancing technique, and - last but not least - have a lot of fun. Our top-level teachers will take turns in teaching the different level classes, so all of you will benefit from the different teachers and enjoy a diverse program.

We offer three different levels: Intermediate, Intermediate-Advanced, and Advanced. We do not offer any classes for beginners.

Please read the descriptions properly to find the class matching your level best. If you are unsure, here are some questions you might ask yourself to find out.



You have already attended several classes and you feel comfortable with boogie dancing. You know and can dance the basic figures * according to the teachings of the DRBV - both 6 and 8-step. You can dance smoothly with fun (up to about 38 cycles or 152 bpm) in various combinations and with different partners.

* 6-count pass or changing places, shoulder setter or baskets, simple left and right turns (American Spin), JoJo, Lasso variations


Addicted to Boogie! You don’t have to think about the basic steps (4, 6, 8) and the basic figures, you started to come up and experience more advanced figures and figure combinations, step-combinations* and first music interpretations. Your dance style is already based on double and multiple rotations. Even with different partners you succeed in dancing figures, not even stopping at 46 cycles and 184 bpm.

* Kick Ball Change, crossed Basic Step (sailor steps), Basic Step with double kicks, basic rhythmic variations (delay, Triple variations, etc.)


It got you completely. If you happen to hear Boogie music, your leg starts tapping. Training, parties and workshops are part of your life. The music determines your dance. Difficult figures, intricate steps and rhythm variations and improvisations belong to your repertoire.

You start to develop your own dance character and bring it to action even with different dance partners. You know the differences and have the skills to dance slow and fast Boogie. Multiple spins and complex figures with different partners are easy for you even up to 52 cycles or 208 bpm. Without explanations you can dance styles by just seeing them and you might have already gained experience as a coach or as part of a show group.



All Boogie-Woogie participants may also attend our special classes.


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