Teachers 2022

Fancy Dougherty (USA) & Olivier Harouard (FRA)

More about Fancy and Olivier

Fancy hails from Los Angeles California and fell in love with Lindy and Shag in 2008, soon followed by Balboa. Since then, she is driving for constantly improving her technique on a never-ending quest for connection, improvisational freedom in social dancing and the “true jitterbug spirit”. She has been teaching and performing around the world and was nominated for the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame in 2014. She loves to dance with new people and particularly beginners, so don’t hesitate to ask her for a dance.

Olivier is of French origin and discovered Swing dances in 2001. Soon he started competing successfully in Boogie Woogie. In 2003 he met “home partner” Natasha and started building a home-grown scene as well as teaching internationally. His extraordinary leader skills, combined with a bit of French charme, make him a desired dance partner from beginners level to pro, like Fancy. His motivation is to never stop learning and use social dancing as well as competitions to collect experiences and to improve. With Nathasha, he is also running the most famous Balboa on the Promenade Camp on the beautiful French mediterranean cost.

Meret Rötheli & Luciano Pescatore (SUI)

More about Meret and Luciano

Meret and Luciano have found their way into the Swing dance community both around six years ago in Zurich. Since then they have been training, teaching and traveling together to festivals in and around Switzerland to broaden their knowledge about the Lindy Hop and other Swing dances.

They recently started the new dance school Ella’s Fellas in Zurich to share their passion and joy for the dance with other people. Playing with rhythm, communication and freedom in the dance is what they try to pass on to their students to promote an accessible approach towards Swing dancing. It is essential to them to support dancers in finding comfort and self confidence in dancing. Together they bild a well balanced team of energy and calmness.

Wilma & Viktor Edlund (SWE)

Wilma & Viktor Edlund (SWE)
More about Wilma and Viktor

The Edlund siblings started dancing at the young age of seven (Viktor) and six (Wilma) with Swedish bugg. At a small dance camp in Luleå they came across Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie and got stuck. They learnt it mainly by watching videos on the computer.

Today they are part of the Swedish National team in both Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hop with a long and impressive resultlist. They have widened their horizons by attending a dance gymnasium where they've studied jazz, modern dancing, ballet and choreography. Together they travel around the world dancing, teaching, competing and performing. Both Viktor and Wilma have participated in various shows.

They believe that the social scene is equally important as the competition scene and that both parts are important on the way of becoming a good Swing-dancer. Dancing is their passion! Together they want to spread the joy of dancing around the world. In their expression dancing is like an inofficial peace movement. It unites, gives new friends and lifts spirits like nothing else!  

For more information:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/viktorandwilma/?hl=sv
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/viktorandwilma/
Website: http://viktorandwilma.com

Larissa & Heiko Heckendorn (CH)

Larissa & Heiko Heckendorn (CH)
More about Larissa and Heiko

Larissa and Heiko have been dancing together for more than a decade and teach as a couple since many years. They love to spread their joy and passion for swing dancing in weekly classes and workshops in their local dance school “Basel Jitterbugs” in Switzerland and abroad.

Larissa and Heiko dance all of the swing dance styles and mix them based on the tempo and energy of the music. In class they aim to deliver a good learning experience with a well balanced mixture of fun and challenges. Their goal is to help you grow as a swing dancer and develop your own voice on the dance floor. You might have seen them in the teachers line up of many festivals like Rock that Swing, the Barcelona Shag Festival or Swing Paradise or in competitions where they made finals and placed successfully.

Flora Bouchereau (F) & Thorbjørn Urskog (NOR)

Flora Bouchereau (F) & Thorbjørn Urskog (NOR)
More about Flora and Thorbjørn

Thorbjorn discovered the world of swing dancing at the age of 15 and became immediately hooked. His passion has always been to compete with others and so he started competing the very same year he took his first dance steps. Today Thorbjorn still competes but also teaches Boogie Woogie all around the world. Throughout his career he has achieved quite a number of titles and has become the most winning boogie dancer in history. In his title gallery you find: 5 world championships, 4 European championships, as well as several Norwegian and Nordic Champions Titles in both, Boogie-Woogie and Lindy Hop.

Flora has been dancing since she was 10 years old. She started competing in Boogie Woogie at the age of 15, joining the first international competition in 2012 and just running up straight to the finals. In 2014, together with Thorbjorn, right at the first competition, she became World Champion, followed by the European Champion title as the youngest dancer in history to achieve these titles. Flora has started to teach professionally loves to travel around the world and to pass on her knowledge and love for dancing.

Jo Hoffberg & Viktor Lillard (USA)

More about Jo and Viktor

Jo Hoffberg is a force of nature. She is an international choreographer, a highly decorated competitor, a thoughtful mentor, and a wearer of high-waist pants, but she’s best known for her teaching. Obsessive with her focus on personal growth and self-improvement, Jo is super-freaking passionate about sharing her love for the dance! Since 2007, she’s taught in 28 countries on 5 continents, has produced 11 DVDs, runs online training programs, produces intensive learning weekends around the world, and runs an online dance school with over 1000+ videos. As a community leader, she is mentoring teachers (both seasoned and up-and-coming), shining the spotlight on the next generation, and supporting deeper structural changes in the community. She is continuing to invest in her personal dance education by regularly challenging herself in other genres of dance, and believes to be a good teacher you must also be a good student.

As a guest in Black Culture, she strives to honor the legacy of swing dance all around the world today.


Viktor Lillard discovered Lindy Hop nearly ten years ago, and has only fallen more and more in love with it as time goes on. Progressing quickly from the start, he has developed a unique flavor to his dance which he shares in competitions, performances, and classes alike. He loves to spread the joy of swing dance and study its profound history and cultural roots situated in Black American social dances.

Today, Viktor is an avid lindy hop instructor in both lead and follow roles, casual musician, and DJ. He has taught classes and workshops all around the Midwest and East Coast in the US, and has given classes abroad in Costa Rica, Sweden, and Czechia. He uses his musical knowledge and his thoughtful creative outlook to help students both become comfortable in their basics and expand their boundaries. Above all, he absolutely loves to share his musical and flowing style of swing on the social floor, and he encourages all swing dancers to feel the music and have fun!


Jessica Kaiser & Markus Kakuska (AT)

Jessica Kaiser & Markus Kakuska (AT)
More about Jessica and Markus

Markus (Kuschi) started dancing when he was 11 years old, together with Jessy he has been dancing since the year 2000. Dancing runs in his blood, he loves to move to the music and this is what makes him tick, the interpretation of the rhythm and melody. So he gives every dance his personal touch and with his funny way he is able to make almost everybody laugh. Right now Markus is working as a driver and is also taking care of his wife and their two kids which are also already "quite dancy". But every spare minute is packed with dancing and preparation for dancing.

Jessika (Jessy) has been dancing since she was a little girl, she started with Boogie Woogie at the age of 8. Since then dancing is her biggest passion, when you see her performing you can see, you can feel her heart. Whenever she hears music she never can stand still, needs to move to the melody. Her sensitive and funny kind of teaching makes it so useful for students at any age. Jessy had a environmental education and now works in the economic Division. Despite this job all her life is dedicated to dancing, especially the swing dances and the 50s lifestyle.

So their connection is more than 15 years of dancing together which means they know each other very well, they even know sometimes what the other one is thinking…This is what makes them such a harmonious couple. When it comes to teaching their main topics are Leading & Following paired with Musicality and they do their best to pass their knowlegde with the biggest fun to the students.

Their biggest successes are

* Vice European Champion in Juniors Class

* more than 50 wins in Juniors and Main Class in Austria

* 4 times National Champions

In 2011 Markus and Jessy started with teaching and were welcomed in a lot of international camps as in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, England and many more…Since then they travel around the world spreading their knowlegde and enthusiasm for swing dancing. The fun, harmony and their „Viennese Sense of Humor“ is what makes them superior and memorable in what they do. They organise their own Boogie-Woogie Dance Camp "5, 6, 7 Swing". Check their website for more information.

Alice Faraone & William Pisani (IT)

More about Alice and William

William Pisani

William Pisani started dancing at the age of 9 at the Benny's Band dance school in Assago (Milan). After graduating in Interpreting and Communication at the IULM University of Milan, William is now a dancer and instructor at the Benny's Band in different disciplines: Boogie-Woogie, Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Authentic Jazz.

Alice Faraone

Alice Faraone dances Boogie-Woogie, her greatest passion, since the age of 8. At the age of 17 she began teaching this discipline and studying the possible branches of the Swing dances. She is a student at the University CATTOLICA in Milan in "movement sciences", and is now a dancer and instructor of different disciplines: Boogie-Woogie, Lindy Hop, Balboa and Authentic Jazz.

As a dancing couple, Alice and William participated in numerous national and international competitions together, with excellent rankings and several prestigious prizes won. Meanwhile, they hold an international judges license for WRRC. Last but not least they run their own dance school Big Beats Dance Studio in Milan, https://www.bigbeatdancestudio.com/it/

Tatyana Georgiievska (UKR) & Sondre Olsen-Bye (NOR)

Tatyana Georgievska & Sondre Olsen-Bye
More about Tanya and Sondre

Tanya took off into the world of dancing at the delicate age of four. At the beginning, she engaged in classical dance, before starting acrobatic Rock-n-Roll at the age of nine. Beside this, she was active in a number of different projects in the areas of modern jazz, contemporary dance and Boogie-Woogie. Since the year 2000, Tanya was an active participant in Rock-n-Roll and Boogie-Woogie tournaments, and was able to score numerous victories, e.g. World Cup in Rock-n-Roll Formation category, won 4 World Cups in Boogie-Woogie main class. Apart from this, she has taken part in numerous dance projects and performances.

Already with five years of age, Sondre made his first steps on the dancefloor. With eight, he participated in his first Swing dance competitions. In the year 2007, he was a participant in the show "Norway's got Talent", where his dancing career really took off. Since 2009, Sondre took part in Boogie-Woogie tournaments, since 2011 in Lindy Hop tournaments. He achieved numerous first places.
Tanya and Sondre have been dancing and competing together since 2015. They have climbed to top levels and leading in the Boogie Woogie World Ranking List of World Rock-n-Roll Confederation. They won several World and European Championships and of course Norwegian and Nordic Championships in both, Boogie-Woogie and Lindy Hop.
Together have become active teachers and performers at numerous camps and festivals. More pics and information on Tanyas & Sondres website Furthermore, they have started running their own Boogie Woogie Dance Festival "Boogiefeets".

Tamara Singer & Christoph Pecher (GER)

More about Tamara and Christoph

Christoph discovered his passion for dancing at the age of 11 and soon began to compete successfully in tournaments. He became German champion in both the junior and the main class and has also produced one or two junior world champions as a coach. In addition, he has been successfully running his own club as the first chairman for 5 years: the Boogieschmiede.

Tamy discovered her love for swing dancing and the music of the 50s later and by pure chance. She has also taken part in several tournaments and has been teaching at the Boogie Bären and the Vintage Club Munich for several years. Besides Boogie Woogie, she also gives classes for solo jazz/charleston and is part of the solo swing duo "Fine alone".

Both are not only interested in Boogie Woogie, but like to combine elements from different swing dances. Music interpretation, heart and soul and creativity in dancing are the top priorities for both of them.

Kerstin & Johannes Hien (GER)

Kerstin & Johannes Hien
Kerstin & Johannes Hien
More about Kerstin and Johannes

Kerstin and Johannes (Jojo) have become addicted to Boogie-Woogie dancing already in 2009. Shortly after they started competing and finally reach the German and Bavarian champion title in 2017.

Soon, their motto became: "Please fasten your seatbelt and compete internationally for Germany". The furthest travel brought them to Novosibirsk and Sochi during these years. Between 2013 - 2021 they could reach 3 international finals, and placed 10th in the World Ranking List of 2021. After almost 10 years competing in Boogie-Woogie they have decided to finish their competition career and focus on teaching and training.

They have always impressed their audience with their acrobatic highlights. In the German National Team, they were the core of the community and kept strings together, because teamwork makes dreams work.

Today, they are teaching regularly at their own dance club, Boogie-Babies Bruck/Bodenwöhr. They also get hired to teach in Germany and perform at different showcases. From 2022, they will take care of the development and care about our Boogie-Woogie competition youth and runners up.