Lindy Open


You already know a bit of Lindy and you want to gather as many new ideas as possible? You have fun dancing with other dancers? It’s your first time at a dance camp? You can dance Boogie and would like to try Lindy? Then the open Lindy class is just right for you!

If you participate in Lindy Open, you can also take part in our special classes. In addition, we offer a variety of taster classes in the afternoons, which you may choose freely on site to try something totally new.


Lindy Open is no beginners' class.

The following basic knowledge is required: Swing-out, Lindy-Turn, Lindy Circle, side-by-side Charleston, hand-to-hand Charleston, Tuck-turn, pass. You can dance smoothly and master these basic figures even up to about 40 cycles or 160 bpm, in various combinations and with various partners.



With enough registrations, we will offer an additional Lindy Open Intermediate/Advanced class for more experienced dancers.

You are not sure about which level is the right one for you? Here are some questions you might ask yourself to find out.



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