Lindy Intensive


Lindy Intensive Classes are an offer for Lindy Hop dancers from Intermediate-/Advanced level, who really want to work intensively on their dancing technique for three days.

These classes focus more on honing your dancing skills, and less on new figures. An important part of the concept is a lot of room for your own practice of the given material as well as receiving a lot of individual feedback from the teachers. We highly recommend to focus on the intensive classes, and not to take part in special classes and tasters.



We want to offer a high standard and good success of training to every participant. Thus, we need to require certain skills, which will be taken for granted by the teachers. There will also be level checks at the beginning of the camp.

Lindy Intensive makes sense for you, if you are able to dance all common basic 6-count and 8-count figures incl. Charleston technically correctly and smoothly, even to fast music, with different partners.

If you are unsure, if Lindy Intensive is the right format for you, we encourage you to try out the versatile Lindy Open classes that are offered on Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced level. If you are unsure, here are some questions you might ask yourself to find out.


Topics 2019

Each international teacher couple will cover one topic for one day. In case there are enough registrations for several Intensive classes, the teachers will cycle throught the different classes. Thus, everyone will work on each topic.


Layers of Connection

Dancing is not only about the correct hand position and giving the right impulse at the right time - it's communication between the dancers. Yana and Ron will raise your awareness of the different layers of connection. This will help you improve the communication and harmony between you and your dancing partners.

Spinning and Turning

With Lee and Kevin, you will work on your spinning and turning technique intensively. You will learn how to keep orientation and balance in your spins and turns, cutting a fine figure - so say goodbye to dizzyness and disorientation. Of course, fun won't fall by the wayside either, and you will also learn some new figures.

Savoy Ballroom style

Anna and Jakob will take you "back to the roots" of Lindy Hop in the Savoy Ballroom, and will introduce you to the dance's originators' style. So what's that style? Frankie Manning once said, "everyone at the Savoy had their [own] style". You might still characterize it as a high-energy Lindy Hop with ample space for improvisation (especially in the Swingout) and for individual interpretations of the music. In any case, look forward to getting to know the creativity and moves of early Lindy Hop, and to making your dance even more playful.


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