Kidz at the BB-DanceCamp


It's never too early to start with the BB-DanceCamp!


That's why we offer a special programme for children and juniors at the BB-DanceCamp with all-round care by experienced volunteers from the Boogie-Bären München e.V. and other dance clubs.  

The programme includes at least three dance lessons per day, held by excellent teachers we "steal" from the adults. They will practice musicality, Boogie Woogie, and Lindy Hop with you. Highlight will surely be the Kidz Show on Sunday evening. Watch the shows of the previous years.

In addition, we offer a cool leasure programme that will include fun and games, camping and barbecue, and anything we can think of. We will also visit the parties together and dance until our eyes shut.  

Join us, get to know very nice people, get new dancing experiences, enjoy three days of DanceCamp atmosphere with us, and - most important - have a lot of fun! We look forward to seeing you there!  

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Do you have any questions about the programme? Ask our children coordinator mail.gif Dieter Johns.

Kids at the BB-Dancecamp
Kids dance classes at the BB-DanceCamp



When does the Kidz Programme take place?  

The Kidz Programme will run in parallel with the adult's camp from Saturday morning till Monday around lunchtime. After getting to know the supervisors and other children, we will start the programme to have a lot of fun for three days. The programme is fully structured and supervised around the clock.  


How old should I be?  

The programme is designed for children starting from age 7.  


How much does it cost?  

The Kidz Programme is only 99,- Euros for 3 days of dance and action.  


How well should I dance?  

If you have some dancing experience already, that's a plus, but not a must. We are happy about every child that wants to join. We will adjust the programme to your dancing skills and experience, so that each of you will learn many new things. And of course, fun is paramount!  

If you are not sure, contact us


Who will be the supervisors?  

Your supervisors during the weekend will be volunteers from the Boogie-Bären München e.V. and other dance clubs that are experienced with working with children.  


Where will I sleep?  

It is possible to camp on the camp site together with the supervisors and other children.  

Of course, you can also go back to your parents after classes and stay with them.  


What about the meals?  

Breakfast and a packed lunch are included. You will have to buy your dinner, however, for example pasta at the restaurant on site.  


Where do I register?  

Please use the registration form.  


What should I do, if I have questions?  

Send us an e-mail - we will get in touch with you. 


What should I do, if I can't live without Boogie Woogie or Lindy Hop anymore?  

Do you know the Munich Boogie Kidz? Join us - we look forward to you!