The History ot the BB-DanceCamp

Did you know that the BB-DanceCamp has already taken place for the past 30 years? In fact, the "Pfingstseminar" (pentecost seminar), as the camp was called until 2012, was one of the first international Swing camps in Europe. Many of the today-famous teachers of the Swing scene had their first workshops in Landsberg with allstars like Frank Manning and others.

Read here how the BBDC has become what it is today:


It all started with the fact that a few Munich Boogie dancers wanted to have an intense Boogie workshop and dance weekend. The first „Pfingstseminar“ kicked off with 50 participants in a sports hall in Germing, a little municipality in the suburbs of Munich. Teachers were Marcus Koch, Roland Seeger and Monika Drechsler.


Foundation of the non-profit dancing club „Boogie-Bären München e. V.“ or in english „Boogie Bears Munich“. The Boogie Bears are now host of the “Boogie-Bären Pfingstseminar“.


The dance camp moves to Ebersberg another municipality in the periphery of Munich. The dance camp grows to 170 participants.


Relocation of the dance camp to Landsberg am Lech, the camp location to the present day. 1992 is the first year the dance camp offered Lindy Hop. This was made possible thanks to efforts of Markus Koch and Bärbl Kaufer who had at that time already been at Herräng and got aquainted to the first generation of international Lindy Hop teachers.
Teachers are Frankie Manning from New York, Eva Lagerqvist and Eddi Jansson from Sweden, Erin Stevens and Steven Mitchell from California and Simon Selmon from the UK. 400 participants.


The first Frankie-Award goes to Frank Manning



Boogie Bears host and organize the second Lindy Hop world championships at “Pfingstseminar”.


The dance camp takes a break.


The “Pfingstseminar” is taking place again. The Frankie-Award goes to Jean Veloz.


Introduction of the Euro, price increase, the global economic crises after 9/11, competition from other dance camps as well as the withdrawal of Marcus and Bärbl from the camp organization result in a decline of participants. The “Pfingstseminar” is in a identity crisis.


New momentum for the dance camp because of new concepts developed by a working group. Guests this year are all stars like Jean Veloz and Dawn Hampton. The total of participant numbers start to increase again.


Last time Frankie Manning is at the dance camp. 430 participants.


The 20th „Pfingstseminar“ takes place. The dance camp focuses on the first generation of Boogie Bears and says a big Thank You. The Frankie-Award goes to the longtime chairman of the Boogie-Bären e.V. Ralf Hergert.


Frankie-Award goes to Cynthia Millman who wrote a biography about Frankie Manning.


Talk on Friday mi Judy Pritchett

Time of change. The dance camp is undergoing an upheaval. Most outstanding the „Swing-Diele“: A cozy café area with a dance floor wins the heart of everyone.


The 25th „Pfingstseminar“ takes place.


Ball in der Heide Volm 2013

The “Pfingstseminar“ changes its name to „Boogie-Bären Dance Camp“ or in the short version: BB-DanceCamp.


Fotobooth BB-DanceCamp 2014

Frankie-Award goes to Ryan François. It’s the year of Frankies 100th birthday and Ryans 30th stage anniversary. With a video message from all over the world we manage to surprise Ryan.


Development of the „Intensive“ and „Open“ Track for Lindy Hop. BB-DanceCamp has now reached a constant number of participants (approx. 380) and is and remains an established dance camp for Lindy and Boogie dancers from all over the world.


The 30th BB-DanceCamp takes place.

Further information

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